"Zircon" is Agunachopace's third gemsona, and an upper soldier from the Gem Homeworld.

Zircon is a nice gem that always tries to solve problems peacefully. However, she's a very good fighter and Homeworld has assigned her as a royal warrior. Despite this, she admires the Diamond Authority and respects their rules.

Personality and History


Image Description
Zircon ATL for aguna by rael
Zircon in Attack the Light, made by Rael.


Jet (Agunachopace)

Emerald (Agunachopace)

Lodestone (Pokemonboy3000)


Yellow Calcite (Pokemonboy3000)

Cuprite (Pokemonboy3000)



Image Description
Zircon's Gemstone Zircon's gem is on the top of her head.

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