"Zincite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 5' 0". He wears a red loincloth held up by a belt over his pelvis, and a gray cape tied to the front of his chest and his back. He wears a mask made of bone, which resembles the top of a puma skull, with teeth still attached to it. His frightening, yellow eyes peer out of the sockets. He has orange skin, and a gem located on the back of his neck.


  • Smoke Generation: Zincite can pour smoke out of his gem, nose, and mouth, but cannot manipulate it. It will, however, not dissipate unless it is cleared. This ability will not work if his gem is cracked.
  • Smoke Regeneration: Zincite can heal physical wounds, including his own cracked gem when in the presence of smoke, the healing rate depending on the amount of smoke.
  • Smoke Mimicry: Zincite can create a clone of himself, made of smoke, which he can control. If harmed in physical contact, it will dissipate into a small amount of smoke, which spreads around the area. He can also remotely detonate the clone, making it explode like an incendiary grenade, just in a smaller radius.


Shady, vengeful, yet truthful, Zincite calls himself a "liberator of evil", despite being very much like an assassin. He attempts to shatter gems that he deems "bad", and uses his smoke and bone dagger as weapons to complete these tasks. Almost entirely mute, but does talk to VERY close friends and comerades. That is, if he has any. He acts this way because he has been wronged in the past, and wants to "return the favor."



Mine is the last face you will ever see.

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