Yellow Topaz is a topaz gem ranking second in Blue Diamond's court.


Yellow Topaz(YT) is a gem that served Blue diamond. . YT was originally born defected.The other topaz's had fire powers while she didn't have any at first. She was disgraced made fun of, and abused by other gems .She was going to be shattered until she was taken under Kyanite in HW and was secretly protected by KY until BD found her. She was about to shatter her when YT gave out a sharp spark.BD ,interested in the power,then put her against her most powerful nobles,still at a very young age and was forced, where she stated that she must win against all of them or die. She used every ounce of energy, despite having not mastered her powers, to survive until she became second in command.She is a respected,powerful noble living her life until she met Celestite. Then things changed BD and the other diamonds were taken over by 3 mysterious diamonds.Eventually she found herself working with rose, whom she respected. Then she realized she didn't care for her due to her part loyalty to HW,but not with the same passion left the CG's. She currently is either on earth or on Homeworld with Celestite


YT wheres a yellow ,fur robe with a hood. She has thick ,large ,curls like rose but hers are golden yellow and more curly. She has dark-brown skin.

Special abilities:

Chrysokinesis: YT can control all forms of gold

Photokinesis:YT can control all forms of light

Autokinesis:YT can manipulate energy.

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