Oh well, too bad, so sad. And kid, stop trying to play around with us. We weren't sent here to be 'nice'. We were sent here to do our job. So if you excuse me, I have to check this self-destructive planets progress

Hot Then Cold...
Wood Opal is a Gemsona made by Silk.


Wood Opal has brown hair, tan skin, and a big ponytail. She wears a Yellow Diamond symbol on the left side of her chest. She has blue eyes, blue glasses, and a long sleeve dress that is very similar to Peridot´s in shape.


Unlike my other Gemsonas, Wood Opal is still on the side of Homeworld. She is the last known wood opal, as they were made to invent, but then wood was not needed for inventions on Homeworld. Despite her gem type's stereotype, however, she can invent things even when it doesnt involve wood, which is why she is kept alive. She is clumsy and a nerd, who is curious about many things, even the history of those whom are against her. She is eager to learn new things, and wants to make friends with everyone.

Weapons and Abilities.

Wood Opal has the standard abilities of any Gem


When fused with Bixbite, they can make Fire Opal.

Unique Abilities

  • Xylokinesis: Wood Opal has the ability to control wood.
  • Engineering skills: Wood Opal can engineer and create things quickly.
  • Holographic Projection: Wood Opal can summon holograms from her Gem, including Holo-Opals.



<small>See also: Red Wood</small>

Wood Opal and Bixbite are girlfriend and girlfriend. Wood Opal holds a great deal of respect towards Bixbite, and even had the guts to ask her to the gala, even kissing her on her cheek soon afterwards. During the gala as well, Wood Opal kissed Bixbite multiple times and even ate for her. In the L.I.F.E. threads, Bixbite kissed Wood Opal, and agreed for them to be girlfriends.


  • Wood opal is petrified wood with an opalescent sheen, or very rarely, who´s wood is completely replaced with opal.
  • Unlike crystalline forms of silica, due to its amorphous form, opal is classified as a mineraloid rather than a mineral.
  • Opals can be alternated into Quartz.
  • Other names for wood opal include opalized wood and opalized petrified wood.
  • Opal is the national gemstone of Australia.
  • Opals are considered biogenic gemstones.

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