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  • I was born on December 24
  • Topazriel Dreemurr


    July 25, 2016 by Topazriel Dreemurr
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  • Topazriel Dreemurr

    Hi everyone!

    I am now accepting requests for drawing gems.

    • I only do traditional art.
    • Please be patient when I do your art. If you angrily and impatiently ask your request's current status, I will delay it, unless you ask nicely.
    • Please respect that I have a life outside of wikia and that I may not finish your request quickly.
    • I must have a picture reference for the request. If you do not have one, please describe your request vividly and precisely, so I won't make mistakes.
    • Request all you can! ^_^

    Fill out this form so I can comprehend your request clearly.


    Appearance (pic. reference or description):

    Rough sketch or Finalized?

    Headshot, Full Body, or Knee to head?

    Here are examples of my art so you can see my art style.

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