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"Underwater Meeting" is the third episode of the first season of Bottled Galaxy.

The laughter continued. It was a bit louder now. Lorose turned to make sure Intarsia wasn't pranking xem. Intarsia was silent.

The two swam to the bottom of the surprisingly deep stream. The laughter was even louder.

"That's it." Lorose thinks. "Is anyone there?" xe asks.

"I'm here....." a voice said, followed by the same laughter.

"Well, who are you?" Lorose inquired in response.

"I'm Cordierite. I... guard this place. The better question is, who are you?"

"I'm Euchlorose", xe pointed to Intarsia, "and this is Intarsia."

"Well, hello. What brings you to my realm?"

"Tarsia and I were punished for... no apparent reason by being trapped here."

"I can't believe what Homeworld's done with my realm.... made it a place for punishment.... I just want to be with the other four again...." Cordier said quietly.

"What? The other four?" Lorose asked.

"Oh, nothing..."

"Hey, I'm really sick of being underwater!" Intarsia declared.

"Okay, we'll get out, Tarsia. I guess I'll talk to you tommorrow, Cordier. Bye." Lorose said, annoyed at xyr friend.

"Bye, Euchlo." Cordier replied.

Lorose and Intarsia swam to the surface.

"Well, I'm not sure whether or not to trust Cordier. They seem alright, but I'm not sure if they're okay in the head." Lorose said.

"I agree, with the way they talked about 'the other four' and kept drifting off into space... I'm not sure if they're crazy or just really shy." Intarsia replied.

"Who or what are the 'other four' anyway? I'd really like to know."

"Lorose, I want to relax. We can find that out tomorrow."

"Fine. You can relax. I'll try to find clues, because maybe it'll help us get out of here."

Lorose then walked off, trying to find some sort of clue as to who Cordier is or who the "other four" are.

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