Pathetic, a Cats Eye.

—Underground Diamond to Cats Eye


Underground can levitate and shoot energy waves out of His weapon, hr has a really good defense but can get easily overpowered. 2 gems could probably take him on


Underground Diamond has a Maniacal And Evil sense of humor, he likes to look down at all gems, he only sees Dark Diamond as an Equal


Underground Diamond was made by Puppet Master to try and get OD destroyed also, but when he failed, he was sent to an unkown RP to try and destroy it, this RP hasnt made an apperence, Yet...


Shifter Topaz

Underground and Shifter Bicker a lot about who Dark Diamond likes more, but they still work together, and Fight togerger really well.

​Dark Diamond

Underground Diamond and Dark Diamond are Brothers, Their related, PM made them both at the same time, they've been good friends ever Since

​Orange Diamond

Orange Diamond and Underground Diamond have been enemies for a long time, Underground likes to Torture his enemies, including OD's Girlfriend.

Pink Citrine

When Underground tortured PC, he cut off some of her Gem, giving her permanent limb enhancers, she has had a grudge againts him ever since.


  • Underground Diamond is really a Light Blue Diamond/ Aqua Diamond
  • Underground Diamond is based off Asriel Dreemurr


  • Diamond is often considered to be the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth
  • Diamonds are pure carbon, meaning they are chemically similiar to graphite, which coincidentally is more stable than diamond
  • Diamond is often considered the most valuable gemstone and the queen of gems, a place once held by opals


Image Description
Aqua Diamond Underground Diamond's Gem is on his Chest.

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