"Under" is a fanon mini-series by SBF123 that is based on the real life film "10 Cloverfield Lane".


After getting injured mid-flight, Lapis Lazuli wakes up in an underground shelter along with two other gems, whom tell her that a necular war has began leaving the outside world contaminated.





1. The New World

Lapis awakens in a bunker, injured and chained to a wall, told that the outside world is now dangerous due to necular war. She later befriends Ruby who claims that she saw the war start herself.

2. Dining In

The first night in, Black Opal attempts to have everyone eat together as a "family", but Lapis attempts to escape.

3. Not What She Seems

As time passes, Lapis, Ruby, and Black Opal actually begin to bond, but this is cut short when Lapis discovers something.

4. Escape Plan

Ruby sides with Lapis as they collect items to create a hazmat suit behind Black Opal's back.

5. At Death's Door

Lapis makes it back above ground only to fight for her life once more.

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