Turquoise is my OC that I use in roleplays.
Turquoise II
Nicknames "Defective Nerd" -himself
Race Gem
Weapons Sword
Gender Pronouns he/him
Gemstone Turquoise (on his chest)
Professional Status
Team Earth
Personal Status
Status Active
Residence Temple on Earth
Theme Secretary Susie's Theme 2 (Extended) - Kirby: Planet Robobot
Image Credit Agunachospace


Turquoise is a scrawny, thin gem who wears a sleeveless blue shirt and dark blue pants. He also has blue skin and blue, short hair. His blue, oval Gem is on his chest.


Turquoise is weak (perfect hero, right?), but can summon a sword hes very proficient with and has basic gem abilities, but cannot shapeshift. However, he can heal in water and has almost infinite storage in his gem, which holds useful tools. He is weak to fire, wind, and ground. He also has a personal spaceship called, "Big Blue".


Turquoise is very sarcastic. He usually has a sense of humor nobody gets, but is usually respected by his team mates.


  • Turquoise has been mined and prized for it's colour for thousands of years from the Mesoamerican Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians
  • The name turquoise comes from the French term turques, as the first specimen came to Europe from Turkey
  • Due to turquoise being mined for so many thousands of years many mines are depleted but some such as Iran still mine a lot of it to this day
  • The first imitation turquoise was made by the ancient Egyptians, it was called faience
Turquoise's Sword, Turquoise, Turquoise's 1st Semi-Annual Steven Universe Fanon Wiki Centennial Gala outfit, and Turquoise's human disguise respectively

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