"True Heroes Role Play", or simply THRP, is a role play made by Stevenismyuniverse.


  • No Diamond OC's
  • Do not be rude to new RPers.
  • You may be good or evil.
  • No frequent OPness, however you may be OP on occasion. You, however, are allowed to debut a gem having reached their full potential.
  • You may not shatter gemstones without the other RPer's concent
  • All RPers have the right to creating their own subplots.
  • Absolutely NO autohits.
  • You must enter the RP by either using a Character Card or linking to your character's page.
  • No dodging repetitively.

Our Gems

Key Objects

  • Core Gem

Season 1


A band of heroes are formed


Chaos has struck at the worst time. The Gem Empire is in anarchy, and at the same time a rouge leader has plans on bringing it down, completely annihilating Gem Culture. The Diamonds are cornered, as this force has been proven strong. The gems attempt to take on this malevolent gem and save Earth, and the Diamond Authority, from destruction.


Season 2


A third crusade for DDS suffices.


Did you really think he was done? As a fallback plan, an epidemic is caused by an unknown source. At the same time of the explosive outbreak, another rebellion is rising against the Diamonds, calling for "social equality" and "justice". This rebellious group, named The Dark Diamond Society, is a violent one. It must be stopped. It's time to call back the heroes from 2000 years ago. It's time to finish what has been started.


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