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"Trapped" is the first episode of the first season of Bottled Galaxy.

A tall, yellow gem paced across the room. On one side, a blue gem of about the same height was sitting.

"Yellow, relax. So what? One of about a thousand Intarsias broke a rule." the blue gem said.

"Blue, it wouldn't matter SO MUCH if it were a minor thing! But disrepecting a Diamond is a serious offense! Did I mention that at least TWO-FREAKING-HUNDRED of my Intarsias have broken at least one major law?" the yellow gem replied.

The blue gem just sighed.

--Meanwhile, at a Homeworld shopping plaza--

"Seriously? You're already out of that, Lorose? You got a new stock yesterday!" a multicolored gem said, clearly not too happy.

"Intarsia, you know those are in very high demand right now. You have to get here almost the minute they're stocked." the shorter, teal gem said.

A tall, musclar gem appeared behind Intarsia. "Intarsia, Cut 1675, right? And your little friend is Euchlorose, Facet 2590?"

"Y-Yeah, that's us" Euchlorose said, stammering."You're both under arrest." the taller gem said.

"WHAT?" Intarsia and Lorose said in unison.

The taller gem took out a communication device from a pocket in her pants.

--Back at the Diamond meeting room--

A small gadget near the blue gem started to ring. The blue gem picked it up.

"This is Chrysoprase speaking. Blue Diamond? I've got the traitors." Chrysoprase said.

"Traitors? What? How?" Lorose questioned in the background, stuttering of nervousness.

"Chrysoprase, take the traitors to me. I've got a punishment for them that I've wanted to use for a long time." Blue Diamond responded.

Chrysoprase poofed Euchlorose easily, but Intarsia didn't go down without a fight.

"You think you can catch me? Absolutely hilarious!" Intarsia said as she summoned her flail.

Chrysoprase summoned a warhammer. Intarsia swung her flail at Chryso, just barely missing. Chryso managed to hit and poof Intarsia.

Chryso brought the gems to Blue Diamond, and they were taken to a secluded room, which from the looks of it hadn't been entered in centuries. Blue Diamond dropped the two gems into a bottle, which seemed to be filled with an indigo vapor.

And then she closed the bottle.

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