Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.


Time And Time Again is a fanon series that is written by Amethystkitten


Cuprite, a gem who been living on Earth in hiding for the past 1000 years after being poofed and never retrieved during the Rebellion lives with her friends Afghanite and Rose Water Opal (who were all also poofed during the rebellion but met Cuprite long ago). However Homeworld plots a second invasion against the Earth and when they do, they find Cuprite and her friends and kidnap them. But Afghanite, Cuprite's best friend has a strange power of time travel and she can go back in time however she is unable to go forward in time afterwards and the past version of herself is erased, erasing her existence from all memories. Eventually Afghanite goes so far back in time she goes back to the rebellion. She soon meets a younger version of both Rose Water Opal and Cuprite as they side Homeworld for the rebellion, facing the foe Afghanite thought she'd forever escaped, the Crystal Gems and Rose's Quartz huge liege of mighty soldiers.



No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
1 Hopeless-Circles-Titlecard Hopeless Circles Meet the gems; Cuprite accidentally beguiles Rose Water Opal and the Homeworld Gems reach Earth again. February 13th 2016
2 Keep-On-Walking-TitleCard Keep On Walking The trio are kidnapped by a mysterious Homeworld Gem who wishes to capture the Time Breaker. February 16th 2016
3 Arching backwards Arching Backwards White Diamond and her Pearl attempt to convince Afghanite to side with Homeworld for a second war. February 20th 2016
4 Down-To-Earth Title Card Down To Earth After accidentally leaping back in time, Afghanite meets a strange gem. March 5th 2016
5 Moonagetitlecard Moonage Daydreamer Afghanite re-aligns herself with Cuprite and Rose Water Opal before realizing she's bitten off far more than she can chew. March 12th 2016
6 Just a non typical Just A (Non) Typical Love Story Cuprite comes to broken Afghanite's aid leading to them connecting more than they should. March 14th 2016
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