Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Thulite is a gem owned by Object and a minor character in Journey Through Earth (Series). Thulite is Kunzite's older sister. Unlike Kunzite, Thulite prefers working on her own.


Thulite is a very calm and collected person. She dislikes fighting, however she is still not afraid to fight back when she needs to. She is quiet and has a passion for animals. She will always help others in need.


Thulite's colors match her respective gem. She has two long braids. It has a streak of redish pink going through the middle. She has bright pink eyes. Thulite wears a white t shirt and a short and wavy skirt. She wears simple pink sandals. Her gem, shaped as a heart, appears on her left hand.

Weapons and Abilities

Like all gems, Thulite has the ability to take refuge in her gem to heal, shapeshift, and summon a weapon.


She wields a very flexible crystal bow with a stash of arrows to come with it. She rarely uses her weapon unless fighting others. Her gem can be seen shaped as a heart on the corner of her bow.



Thulite can easily heal allies and herself when in injury with just her hands. She often takes advantage of this ability to heal animals.


Though this really isn't ability, she is very swift, light, and graceful making it easier for her to dodge things such as attacks.


Thulite can hover above the ground, without using anything such as wings or boosters.


  • Thulite is the only gem Kunzite is willing to fuse with so far.
  • When fused with Kunzite, they form Morganite.
  • Thulite sometimes uses her animals she befriends to attack others, giving attack orders.
  • Thulite and Kunzite do not fight often, however when they do it is usually over something sisters would fight over.
  • In Season 2 when Thulite comes to Earth, she has a very short friendship with Cherry Blossom Stone lasting only one epsiode. They got into a big argument over whether to battle The Corrupted Gems, Thulite suggesting why shouldn't and Cherry suggesting they should.
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