Pearl presents and satisfaction makes mathematical calculations and talks a little about culture gem after this pearl leaves the room and comes across Topaz another gem that was fighting swordsman and then said:(P) Where did you learn these moves ?!
  • (T) How old are you?
  • (P.) - A more'm a single pear

l is born knowing everything ...

  • (T) - Madame, accept a swordsman duel?
  • (P.) - But of course noble knight
  • Pearl starts to fight, pearl after 30 seconds of fight already won.
  • (T) where he learned this?
  • Pearl with a gentle and sweet look gives a huge smile ...
  • (T) But well you serve?
  • (P.) -Diamante White ...
  • (T) Well I not yet introduced myself my name is Topaz Green but you can call me Topaz ...
  • (P.) - Okay Topaz and the conversation're good more have to go.

Pearl runs for the White Diamond Temple says: "Pearl where he was" and Pearl with a look embittered says: "Where you told me to be!" White Diamond says indignantly

-Pérola, You questioning my authority?

No, My Diamond

How vocÊ punishment will help the guards! 

Pearl runs like there is no tomorrow and suddenly Pearl finds the guards in a clash with Opal Pearl with their espadacihm skills can stop "Opal" going back to his stone then runs to the White Diamond Time to tell new stories for Diamond white then white Diamond says: "Pearl you will be transferred to the Diamond empire Rose the carrier to go to the temple Diamond Rose is that there" Pearl goes to the carrier.




White Diamond

Pink Diamond (cited)

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