Pearl goes to school-gem.


Pearl-regenerates and looks a very high gem in front, the handle and leads to his temple. This gem was White Diamond, one of the "Crones" Homeworld, realizing maintains posture and speech:

  • (W.D.) - You will now be my Pearl.
  • (P.) Why?
  • (W. D.) I bought you, and order you to turn teacher gem culture ....
  • (P.) Yes, my diamond

White Diamond Pearl slowly moves away and out of the Temple. the demand for School-Gem. On the way finds a gem, it would be severely wounded by a Ruby. Pearl raises his bow and hits the Ruby with a clear shot, making Ruby back to his stone. Pearl finds that the gem that was being attacked was a Lapis Lazuli, then speaks:

  • (LL) -Thank you!  
  • (P.) -not have that and I have to go. 

 Lapis Lazuli looks Pearl with a huge smile and Pearl also returns with a beautiful smile. So Pearl continues its quest for School-Gem. When it arrives there, it is stunned for 10 gems in a room. So make your presentation.

  • (P.) Hello I am Pearl, the new teacher culture gem
  • (All) - Pearl Hello!



Lapis lazulli

White Diamond

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