IMPORTANT NOTE: The author is currently engaged in a different project. Until the project's completion, this series is on hiatus.
Homeworld gazette

"The Homeworld Gazette" is a fanon series written by ScaryStuffAhoy.

(Thanks to Raelcontor for creating the logo)


It is the 100th anniversary since the end of the Rebellion. As accustom, all news-publishes and agencies must write a short homage article to the Rebellion and its happenings, in order to pay respect to all those who have fallen during it.

Yet it is rather difficult to find facts and information when all records have been wiped clean by Homeworld. Are they hiding something?

Well Orpiment, our protagonist, will find out.

Episode List

Chapter 1: “In honour of our Diamonds…”

When our protagonist, Orpiment, is tasked with creating a work honouring the Anniversary of the end of the Rebellion, lack of information sources brings him to uncanny means of acquiring it.

Chapter 2: “The washed-up drunk”

Orpiment’s search for information ends when he finds an old drunk who claims to have fought in the Rebellion.

Chapter 3: “Honey. Sweet, sweet honey…” The drunk offers Orpiment a sample of what he calls “Dream Honey”.
Chapter 4: “Blackforge” Where rebel ingenuity and skill forge into one.
Chapter 5: “Archer’s Den” Where rebel wits and bravery work hand-in-hand.
Chapter 6: “Writer’s Cavern” Where rebel intellect and perseverance mould together.
Chapter 7: “The Council” The plan to end the war for good.
Chapter 8: “The war’s end” A battle torn straight from legends.
Chapter 9: “Off with the mask” Things are not what they seem. People are not who they say they are.
Chapter 10: “Take his head!”

The right punishments are sometimes given to the wrong people...

Chapter 11: “Journalist Extraordinaire” The… End?

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