"The Drill, Shattered Pieces", otherwise known as "DRP", was a role play series made by Fruitphox, that ended on May 28, 2016.



The rules of this RP were:

  • You can be an existing character (Pearl, Garnet, Connie, etc) or you can use a Gemsona.
  • Your Gemsona can either be with Homeworld or the Crystal Gems, or neutral.
  • No OPness (Overpowerness) Such as: Repeated dodging, overpowered abilities, or many autohits.
  • No 1 hit KOs (Unless you use a gem destabilizer or the other person agrees on it)
  • Fusion is allowed, BOTH people must agree on it though.
  • Only seven characters per person.

Character Card

If a user used a Gemsona, they would have had to link to their page or post a description like this:



Appearance: (You can post a picture too)


Gem Type:



Taken Gems

This was the list of gemsonas used by those who participated in the RP:


Here is a list of fusions were in the RP.

  • Garnet (I wonder who makes up Garnet? :D)
  • Malachite (Fusion of Lapis and Jasper.)
  • Sinhalite (Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, and Pearl.)
  • Agate (Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.)
  • Prehnite (Fusion of Emerald and Pearl.)
  • Axinite (Fusion of Emerald and Amethyst.)
  • Londonite (Fusion of Ruby and Emerald.)
  • Smithsonite (Fusion of Sapphire and Emerald.)
  • Azurmalachite (Fusion of Ammolite and Emerald.)
  • Labradorite (Fusion of Ammolite and Pearl.)
  • Chalcedony (Fusion of Sapphire and Pearl.)
  • Sard (Fusion of Ruby and Pearl.)
  • Rainbow Calcite (Fusion of Yellow Calcite and Cuprite.)
  • Serendibite (Fusion of Apache Tear and Snowflake Obsidian.)
  • Sphene (Fusion of Apache Tear, Snowflake Obsidian, and Maw Sit-Sit.)
  • Cyan Apatite (Fusion of Emerald and Helenite.)
  • Blue Apatite (Fusion of Selenite and Helenite.)
  • Jet (Fusion of Onyx and Pearl.)
  • Lepidolite (Fusion of Onyx and Amethyst.)
  • Sphalerite (Fusion of Onyx and Garnet.)
  • Kyanite (Fusion of Onyx and Sapphire.)
  • Staurolite (Fusion of Onyx and Ruby.)
  • Variscite (Fusion of Lapis, Jasper, and Peridot.)
  • Hemimorphite (Fusion of Selenite, Helenite, and Emerald.)
  • Black Star Diopside (Fusion of Apache Tear and Onyx.)
  • Musgravite (Fusion of Jade and Angelite.)
  • Prasiolite (Fusion of Apache Tear and Angelite.)
  • Jadeite (Fusion of Onyx and Maw Sit-Sit.)
  • Jade (Fusion of Lime Jadeite and Nephrite.)
  • Ametrine (Fusion of Amethyst and Yellow Calcite.)
  • Ethiopian Welo Opal (Fusion of Emerald, Ammolite, and Pearl.)
  • To be renamed fusion (Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Jasper.)
  • Crystal Quartz (Fusion of Angelite and Mystic Quartz.)
  • Violet Charoite (Fusion of Cuprite and Lapis.)
  • Larimar (Fusion of Moon Ammolite and Fire Opal.)

Canon Characters

List of canon characters:

  • Steven: Goldensunsheba
  • Garnet: Fruitninja155
  • Amethyst: Aptos
  • Pearl: Goldensunsheba
  • Lapis: Goldensunsheba
  • Peridot: Goldensunsheba
  • Jasper: Goldensunsheba
  • Connie: Pikadot
  • Greg: LiviTheTepig
  • Mayor Dewey: Agunachopace
  • Ronaldo: Fruitninja155
  • Centipeetle: Aptos
  • Worm Monster:
  • Watermelon Tourmaline:
  • Ice Monster:
  • Yellow Diamond: Goldensunsheba
  • Blue Diamond: Pokemonboy3000
  • White Diamond: Fruitninja155


  • Yellow Diamond: Electricity
  • Blue Diamond: Water/Ice
  • White Diamond: Fire


Plot: The Crystal Gems are still working with Peridot to stop the Cluster from destroying the Earth, but Yellow Diamond and several gems are coming, but not to rescue Peridot, but instead to rescue Jasper, destroy the Crystal Gems.

Plot: While Steven was separated from the Crystal Gems, several cluster gems appeared and started to attack, but that's not all, several cracks with gem shards in them started to form.

Plot: The Homeworld gems, lead by Yellow Diamond, have invaded and are causing trouble for the Crystal Gems.

Plot: The Cluster is all but destroyed now, but will Yellow Diamond call for reinforcements to destroy the Crystal Gems.

Plot: Blue and White Diamond have responded to Yellow Diamond's call for reinforcements and are on their way to Earth.

Plot: A new, smaller Cluster has been built and the three Diamonds are attacking.

Plot: The Homeworld gems are leaving Earth to go back to Homeworld.

Plot: The Crystal Gems are slowly beginning to get ready to travel to Homeworld.

Plot: The Crystal Gems have begun their journey to Homeworld.

Plot: The Crystal Gems are still traveling to Homeworld.

Plot: The Crystal Gems arrive at Homeworld after a few problems on their ship.

  • Part 12, the grand finale:[12]

Plot: With the Crystal Gems on Homeworld and causing problems, the three Diamonds meet on top the Grand Spire to put in motion their endgame.

Gem Hierarchy

This RP followed a caste system that each gem would fall under a specific part of the system.


  • White Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond

Bureaucrats and Aristocrats

  • Carbonate
    • Yellow Calcites
  • Sapphires
  • Lapis Lazulis
  • Calcium
    • Selenites
    • Satin Spars
  • Pyroxene
    • Lime Jadeites
  • Corundums

Upper Class

  • Tourmalines

Royal Guard/Commanding Soldiers

  • Beryls
    • Emeralds
    • Golden Beryls
    • Red Beryls
    • Bixbites
  • Topazes
    • Shifter Topazes
  • Opals
    • Fire Opals
    • Shade Opals
  • Zircons


  • Maw Sit-Sits
  • Angelites

Middle Class

  • Igneous
    • Helenites
  • Nephrites

Upper Soldiers

  • Quartzes
    • Jaspers
    • Amethysts
    • Rose Quartzes
    • Onyxes
    • Mystic Quartzes
    • Harlequin Quartzes
  • Huebnerites
  • Water
    • Ices
  • Aluminates
    • Cat's Eyes

Common Citizens

  • Volcanic Glass
    • Mahogany Obsidians
    • Snowflake Obsidians
    • Apache Tears

Common Soldiers

  • Rubies
  • Fluorites
  • Pyrites


  • Ammolites
  • Saussurites


  • Peridots
  • Kenolachites
  • Tanzanites


  • Pearls
  • Copper
    • Cuprites

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