Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

‎WARNING! This article contains spoilers for the series Journey Through Earth! Read at your own risk!

Not to be confused with the episode that has the same title.

The Corrupted Gems is a team of gems and are the main antagonist in Journey Through Earth (Series). The team belives it is unfair corrupted gems are forced to be different, so they attempt to take over Earth where the corrupted gems can live in peace and so they can have power. Even innocent gems, the team attempts to wipe out the entire gem race except themself so the corrupted gems can live in peace, as they beleve gems are the cause of the difference in life.


The Corrupted Gems were formed before Kunzite's and Cherry's arrival to Earth. They were founded in Homeworld, however decided Earth would be an easy target to take over. Strangley, the team members themself are not corrupted gems, although they may use corrupted gems to attack others. After recruiting many gems with a population of over 1,000 (due to a bunch of persuading, lying, and tricks), they finally began wiping out the gem population, by shattering there gems and corrupting them, and then get them bubbled. Due to their secretness, this is not well known.

Team Members



  • The leader has been in only one season, although she has been mentioned a bunch of times before. As they were defeated in the same season, she does not make another appearance after Season 2.
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