Brief description

Tanzanite is the OC of soulwarriorsexpert67 Mostly used in the fanon Role-play Crystal rebellion


Tazanite is a carefree gem who likes to do what he wants but he often likes being nice to his friends. Tanzanite is a skilled warrior due to this he's very strategic and militaristically trained.


CELESTITE periandlapis007

Tanzanite and CELESTITE are good friends and they have a mutual leader-teammate relationship.

Jade- Soulwarriorsexpert67

Tanzanite and jade are good rivals and they often fuse due To them being the perfect team.



Tanzanites weapons are spears he summons from his gem


Electrokinesis- Tanzanite has the ability to use electricity as a weapon.

Martial arts

Tanzanite is trained and able to use martial arts to the best of its abilities. And he can put his electro kinesis and his spear and combine it with martial arts to become an even more powerful fighting force.


Tanzanite wears the standard gem home world warrior attire with the exception of the blue star he wears. He has gray skin and purple clothing. He also wears a white belt.

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