"So, as you can see, this tape recorder is clearly following these gems on some sort of... housekeeping adventure. But, as you can see- oh, it's starting!"

Another tape is loaded. You can hear the light-pitched one speak.

Hello! I am Kornerupine, Imperial Soldier and we finally got this recorder working!"

You weren't supposed to mention that!"

This here is my assistant, and fellow Imperial Trooper, Prehnite!"


"Second in Command at best."

"Please get on with it."

"Okay, my story and how I met these guys-"

"Nopenopenope. Doing that another day."

"Well, then where do I-"

"The mission."

"Sooo, Prehnite and I were stationed at New Imperial City, see? Clever name, I know. So, here's basically how it went. Prehnite and I were sitting on a bench outside the shipyard, ready to be deployed into this new "Rebellion" against some "Crystal Gems". But they're actually pretty nice, so don't... right. When suddenly, we were called into the Quartermaster's office. That's the guy who owns a battalion, by the way. We, in fact, were in the 31st Alpha Centaurian Battalion. But that's a story for another recording. So, when he called us in, the Bimaster was with him. That's the guy in charge of a single Regiment, which was only us two at the time, since the others... anyway, he told us he was going to go with us on a mission to hire some mercenaries. So, we boarded the ship...

A long, 2-minute pause.

Section 2

"Okay, we're back. Sorry, just call this "Section Two." Prehn says we need to start speaking only one gem at a time, so boom: character. Right below this.


"So, we were on this ship. Just on our own. With our Bimaster. And the pilot. And the nice ladies who gave us things for free. You know what, not very alone. Then, suddenly, this enemy ship comes out of nowhere, bearing a flag with a rose on it. Prehn says it was a Galleon. Not a threat for any mainstream Imperial or Diamond Authority ships, but for our ship, a Light Galley, Prehn says again, in a small zone that only small ships could enter without being crushed by all the asteroids, we were basically screwed. The fact that we were not crewed at all did not help. With one single plasma cannon to the engine, the other to the cockpit, we were basically screwed. Until...

The recording ends there.

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