"I really don't know how to record this... Okay, so. I am a collector of rare items and antiques and et cetera. So... this is where the story begins?"

"Anyway, I ordered a futuristic-looking tape recorder on EBay, which I am currently recording this on. It's actually really high-tech. It's got like a little... anyway, I looked through this "tape recorder" to see if there were any recorded voices on there. And, believe it or not, there was. Here, take a listen:"

Two people appear to be mumbling about something, along with the rattle of the device being fussed with. One voice sounds high-pitched and optimistic(light green), the other medium-pitched and bored-like(dark green).

"Is... is it working," the higher pitched one said.

"No, the green light is on and the blue light is off. It has to be the other way around," The other one said.

"No, the blue light is on and the green one is off!"

"That means it's broken."

"No, that's how it says it works in the manual."

"The book's in an ancient gem language. Not even Hue can decipher it."

"Yeah, because all he says is-"

Suddenly, a low-pitched voice with a thick German accent(orange) speaks up.



"Hue, get out."

Loud, heavy footsteps.

"Okay, good. Now, where were-

The sound of something very close hitting the floor and glass breaking. Suddenly, the voices sound very distant.

"Great job, you dropped it."

"It's very hard to balance things on roller skates."

"Then why do you wear-"

The recording turns to static. Apparently they still have static in the future.

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