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Sunset Dusk Dawn Moonlight is a series created by Grace. It is set in the Divine Gems Universe. TBA

Season 1

Season 1A

No. Title Description Directed By Airdate
1 Connections Two gems meet. Grace May 31st, 2016
2 Communications Moonglow Topaz arrives at the communication center. Grace June 2nd, 2016
3 Royal Important gems. Meetings. Grace June 22nd, 2016
4 Guardian A guardian of gems. Grace
5 Strange Moonglow Topaz meets a strange set of gems. Grace
6 Rainbow Moonstone Is...breaking rules really good...? Grace
7 TBA TBA Grace
8 TBA TBA Grace
9 TBA TBA Grace
10 Crystal Clear Nothing is as clear as this. Grace

Season 1B

No. Title Description Directed By Airdate
11 TBA TBA Grace
12 TBA TBA Grace
13 TBA TBA Grace
14 TBA TBA Grace
15 TBA TBA Grace
16  TBA TBA Grace
17 TBA TBA Grace
18 TBA TBA Grace
19 TBA TBA Grace
20 Nothing Left ...or is there? Grace


  • This was a fanon I was going to do on old fanon, but never did. I don't even remember what the storyline was originally, but it will all be a different one in this! ;w;

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