"Stillbite-Na" is a gem that has yet to appear.


Stillbite-Na stands at 4' 8". She has orange skin and blue eyes, and she has red hair hidden under a silk, gray medium brimmed hat with orange trim, and a tall, pointed top. She wears a gray robe, the individual pieces connected by three buttons near her chest, and wears a gray cloak under that. She wears fabric bottoms of slippers, tied to her feet by a meter of string wrapped around and tied to her and the bottoms. She has a tall, curved staff(4 feet tall). The handle is made entirely of palm wood with a pink grip near the top-center of the handle. The top of the staff is gray, and makes a circular snake figure, resembling Apep. She wears a necklace resembling a serpent.


Stillbite-Na can channel and control the element of fire to a certain degree, in different forms, but has mastered some better than others. Rather than using energy like her counterpart, instead Stillbite-Na's abilities have to cool down after using them. However, her abilities are also naturally stronger than Stillbite-Ca's, yet harder to master and control.

  • Rolling Sun(Medium Mastery, High Power): Stillbite-Na can build up a ball of fire at a certain size in front of her and roll it at her enemy, or whatever she rolls it at. Takes Thirty Seconds to cool down.(literally)
  • Tinderbox(Medium, High Power): She can summon a jet of flame up to eleven feet tall, which she can keep summoned, but the more it stays summoned, the longer the cooldown becomes when she de-summons it.
  • Blazing Glow(High Mastery, High Power): She can call on the power of a star itself to strike in a single pillar of light wherever she wants, with an intense amount of energy. Requires a lot of chanting to use, and has a significant 10-hour cooldown.
  • Scorching Seal(Enchantment): She can cast a spell on an enemy, making them unable to use any gem abilities or summon a weapon as long as she concentrates on them. The longer the enchantment lasts, the longer the cooldown.
  • Searing Pain(Enchantment): She can cast yet another spell on an enemy, making them always have a 10x10 sheet of fire directly under their feet, as long as the spell lasts. The sheet can reach up as high as 6 feet, but has a long cooldown, even if the spell is cancelled quickly.


She chants while activating her spells.




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