"Stillbite-Ca" is a gem that has yet to appear.


Stillbite-Ca stands at 4' 8". She has red skin and green eyes, and she has orange hair hidden under a silk, red medium brimmed hat with pink trim, and a tall, pointed top. She wears a red robe, the individual pieces connected by three buttons near her chest, and wears a pink cloak under that. She wears fabric bottoms of slippers, tied to her feet by a meter of string wrapped around and tied to her and the bottoms. She has a tall, curved staff(4 feet tall). The handle is made entirely of palm wood with a pink grip near the top-center of the handle. The tip of the staff resembles an Eye of Horus, colored orange, connected to the handle. She wears a necklace resembling a scarab beetle on her neck.


Stillbite-Ca can channel and control the element of fire to a certain degree, in different forms, but has mastered some better than others. She has an energy reserve that she uses to cast spells, and she poofs if it's all used up. Oh, and she came up with the names herself. Catchy.

  • Rolling Sun(High Mastery, Low Power): Stillbite-Ca can build up a ball of fire at a certain size in front of her and roll it at her enemy, or whatever she rolls it at.
  • Tinderbox(High Mastery, Medium Power): She can summon a jet of flame up to eleven feet tall, which she can keep summoned, but it rapidly depletes her energy.
  • Blazing Glow(Medium Mastery, High Power): She can call on the power of a star itself to strike in a single pillar of light wherever she wants, with an intense amount of energy. Requires a lot of chanting to use, and depletes all, if not most of her energy.
  • Scorching Jet(Medium Mastery, Medium Power): Can spray a jet of fire at enemies. Does not take much energy.
  • Searing Stop(Low Mastery, Medium Power): She can generate a forcefield around herself, made entirely of flame. Costs energy to maintain, and can only take a few blows, but devastating to any gem(or object) that decides to go near it.


She seems to gain her energy reserves and power from other sources, on some occasions. She's also known to chant while activating her spells.




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