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All characters belong to Rebecca Sugar. Story by OpalGalaxy


It was a dark and bleak day in Beach City, 1987. The white picket fence on the hill rattled in the wind, a purple owl with a large purple gem on its chest, perched itself upon it.

This specific area was gem populated, a place where most humans avoided contact with them. The gems didn't bother the humans, and the humans didn't bother them, it seemed pretty simple.

One gem, a rebellious one, had giant pink hair in perfect ringlets. She also wore a flowing white dress, with a star cutout for her gem. This gem, Rose Quartz, believed in humans and their planet, unlike her Homeworld.

Rose Quartz POV~

Pearl slashed the last corrupted Gem, the shards hitting the ground with a perfect clink. I bubbled the Gem, and gave a solemn look to Pearl.

"That's the last one today, my Pearl. We must move on..." Pearl nodded in agreement, and headed toward the Warp Pad. She too, looked a little solemn, and tired of fighting. Corrupted Gems had been showing up everywhere, and we just finally finished.

I rested my eyes upon Pearl. She blushed, and laughed. I too laughed, but I stopped when an own Amethyst landed on her shoulder.

"A human's here!" she squacked, and Pearl looked around. It was the long-haired human I had seen before. Greg was his name. He seemed a little lost.

Holding a t-shirt and a CD he offered them to me. "Uh, you wanted a XXXL shirt, ma'am... and a CD, so, uh..."

I took the shirt and CD from his small hands. "Thank you, Greg." I gave him a smile, but Pearl didn't look too happy. She stuck her nose in the air and stomped into the temple.

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