Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

"Star Emerald" more formally known as "Trapiche" is the duotagonist of Maximum Capacity where she serves are one of the many Homeworld prisoners. Claimed as defective for the star pattern on her gem.


Star Emerald is a petite and short. Her hair is a fern coloured pony tail which reaches her mid back. Her skin is shamrock green.

Star Emerald wears a hunter green top covered in shamrock green swirls and stripes. Her pants are of a similar fashion and are jade with mint and viridian stripes. She wears hunter green footie socks. Star Emerald's gem is located on her chest and is a small diamond.


Star Emerald is immature but also wise. She is aware of the things that most gems shy away from. She is easily charmed and seduced by other gems, hence her growing attraction to Chrysoberyl. She also has a heart for vengeance meaning she holds resentment and is often unable to let go of something that has hurt her.


Em's mace

Star Emerald's Mace.

Like all other Gems, Star Emerald can change shape, invoke a weapon, fuse, and take refuge in her gem to heal. 

Special Abilities

Mace Proficiency: Star Emerald wields a large green mace that she pulls from her chest gem. She is able to use the weapon with relative ease despite it being nearly her size. This implies that she has superhuman strength and great accuracy. It is rare that Star Emerald will miss a target.

Organic Teleportation: Star Emerald possesses Organic Teleportation, meaning she has the ability to teleport wherever she chooses to and from an organic object. This has limitations as she can only teleport through an organic object to another organic object.

Image Description
Em's Gem
Star Emerald's gemstone is a four faceted bright green diamond. It is evenly split and has two tones in the top and bottom right corners, the left corners then are darker versions of these. It has a faint star pattern glow.
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