"Sphalerite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 6' 0". He wears a black tunic, secured by a brown strap around his waist, and brown, fabric pants. He has dark black, neatly combed and short hair. His skin is light gray, and his gem is light black, located on his forehead.


  • Natural Ally: Sphalerite can create small creatures out of simple plants, that rally to his cause. They are, however, not the smartest, yet extremely loyal.


Curious, yet intelligent, Sphalerite does everything with optimism. He loves discovering new species of earthly plants and animals, and even classifies them. He loves wildlife, and will do anything to defend it on any planet, however, he can be very brave-too brave- and will get close to even very lethal to him or his creatures that he makes.


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