Spectrolite is a mean-spirited Homeworld gem who would do anything to be the top soldier in her alliance and would put more gems in danger and tries coming out of a situation untouched.

Creators Quote-

"I wouldn't mess with Spectrolite if I were you. She would destroy you in the second that she could. You may want to describe her as... A yandere. Her leaders are basically her senpai and would destroy any gem who gets in the way. Even gems that are usually stronger than a spectrolite."


Rebellion Uniform

When Spectrolite fought in the rebellion, she had see-through tunic and short drapes with a blue Diamond insignia at the end. She had bare feet and had her hair in a long 3 foot braid.

Current Regeneration

Spectrolite has a lavander-like skintone and multicolored hair(Not visible due to Gemsone maker), and odd-eyes in the colors of pink and lavander. She has an oval shaped gemstone. Her outfit is similar to Peridots homeworld outfit with the exeptions of dual colored pants. She has a Blue Diamond insignia to keep memories of her original affiliation.


When Spectrolite was created, she was assigned to Blue Diamond as just a simple guard during the rebellion. But after showing her large amount of strength, with a combination of strength between a regular Spectrolite and a quartz, she was immediately promoted to general and led charges to attack the rebels. Many years later, she was reassigned to Yellow Diamond as an army leader and newbie trainer.


Spectrolite has all normal abilities of a normal gem as well as quartz gem exclusive abilities.

  • Hair extension Spectrolite has the ability to extend any part of her hair that is braided, and cut it off to use as a rope or whip.
  • Hypnotism Spectrolite has the ability to control others by using hypnotism. All she has to do is stare straight into the victims eyes. Though, this can be stopped by having your eyes closed during the process. If the process is successful, Spectrolite gets extremely dizzy. It only last for 2-5 hours, until someone says the victims name 3 times or until the victims work is done.
  • Flight Spectrolite has the ability to fly in the air and get away from danger that she can't get out of with her normal abilities. Flight only happens when Spectrolite is feeling like she's unsafe.
  • Lingual Switch Spectrolite can immediatly switch her language when she needs to.
  • Future Vision Just like a sapphire, spectrolites can see the future.


  • Spectrolite was an experiment to make a normal gem more like a quartz gem in strength and ability but look like a normal version of that specific gem.
    • Spectrolite was the only successful spectrolite in the experiment.

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