So, What happens when Orange Diamond has nothing to do. Read to find out!


Orange Diamond walks into his ship,"Hmm, what now, I've got nothing to do, no Puppet Master, no Dark Diamond, nothing." Orange Diamond sat down. He twiddled his thumbs.


Orange Diamond went to Homeworld, He decided, He would try and Fight local thugs."What am I doing with my life." He Cursed as he walked around, He couldn't  find a single bad guy. "Ever since the Damn rebellion, nothing has happened Crime wise, Ugh."


Orange Diamond decided to try and Prank some gems, preferably bad guys, Hiddenite was about to walk right into one. Orange Diamond threw a watermelon at him and ran off. "What the Hell" Gasped Hiddenite as the Melon hit him in the Stomach." Orange Diamond went back to ship. "That wasn't as satisfying as I expected."


Orange Diamond didn't know what to do with his life, so he was making plans in case any of his enemies came back. He want through all situations for hours, until something came on. "Puppet is Back, YES!" Orange Diamond ran off as he went to find The Puppet Master.

And that was it! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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