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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Sonora is a relatively short gem of dark teal skin, and multicoloured, short hair styled upward to her right side. Her outfit is based off of her tribal roots with its basic composition and colour design of no detail or special extras.


Sonora has a relaxed personality, often carefree but not always for the better. She does her best to watch over the Pearls and Coral as their trainer but often fails, becoming their friend rather than their overseer.


Sonora Sunrise Jasper possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Spear Proficiency : Although not necessarily a spear, Sonora uses her spoon in a similar manner.

Unique Abilities

  • Sound Manipulation : Sonora can manipulate sounds, cutting it off entirely to another or amplifying its power in order to harm or stun an enemy.



Sonora and Argyle don't interact that often, but Sonora feels that Argyle dislikes her.


Sonora and Coral often work together on the field whenever they're needed together. Otherwise, the two rarely interact.


Sonora and Rosaline are often at wit's ends with each other. They are give same or similar orders but only one will do as asked : that would be Rosaline. Sonora doesn't understand why Rosaline pushes so much.

Coral Pearl

Sonora and Coral Pearl get along very well, often sparring or working together otherwise.

Bordeaux Pearl

Sonora enjoys being around Bordeaux but she doesn't get much time to be with him when she's back from the missions.


Image Description
Sonora's gemstone is located to her side, below where a human ribcage would be. Its shape is similar to a twisted marquise cut.
A photo of an actual Sonora gemstone.


  • It is said agates are meant for protection.
    • This correlates to her position as a "Guardian" in Argyle's court.
  • It is also said to awaken talent.
    • This is the reason Sonora trains Coral, Coral Pearl, and Bordeaux.
  • In Spanish, Sonora is a female name meaning "Pleasant Sounding".
    • This explains her sound manipulation abilities.


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