Solat in Silnce is a series made by ISS.


During the war, a high ranking gem named Daubréelite is sent to Earth to retrieve some special, yet archaic, shards from a meteorite sent to Earth 65 millenia ago, whose power was so great it wiped off enitre classes of animals, and the GDA is going to use this energy to wipe off the Earth. She is sent with a Lonsdaleite, a Gem currently in production. She may not be what Daubréelite was hoping for, but she's something that may change her life...



A high ranked gem, Daubréeite (Also known as Dauby by Lonsdaleite) is a nobel gem with the power to control gravity and fungi. She wears arm and finger enhancers, has long and coal-black hair, as well as dark grey skin. Sarcastic and stern, she doesn't like to play around all day, and looks for the pieces that her diamond, Blue Diamond, seeks.


Lonsdaleite is an early Lonsdaleite prototype, and she is not what the Diamonds achieve for a Lonsdaleite to look or act like in the future. She wears a big straw hat, has black hair and clothes, dark grey skin and is half the size of Dauby. She also is very skilled at stringed instruments, has a heavy Southern accent, and a gap between her teeth.

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is Daubry's and Lonsdaleite's Diamond. More info Template:Blue Diamond (Canon).


Season 1

Asteroid's Heart - Pilot

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