Skull Star Diamond is a character made and owned by Aptos




His gemstone is on his forehead and is a faintly pink colour, surrounded by smaller gems that are clearer. He has pink eyes and his face is a strange mixture of kindly and skeletal features. His hair is a raven black, short and flat. He wears a purple cloak that reaches to his feet and has sleeves going down his arms to his wrists, and his cloak is attached by a skull clasp at the collar. He wears a black shirt and grey pants, along with a grey/mildly pink waistcoat. He wears dark brown boots with deep pink heels and toes.




He is a very polite gem, who generally tries to help others. He also uses his abilities in this endeavour.




He has standard gem abilites including shape-shifting, bubbling and retreating to his gem.

Unique Abilities

  • Modified Polearm Proficiency: He can summon a modified polearm. The polearm has a rounded end that can extend spikes out of holes on it, making it an effective long range mace.
  • Tentacle Growth: He his able to extend fungal tentacles from beneath his cloak. This allows him to interface with objects and make "networks" with these objects. These networks remain after the tentacles are removed, however they must be reconnected if Skull Star Diamond wants to use his IOE ability.
  • Internet of Everything (IOE): When connecting one of his tentacles to an object he can effectively create the effects embedding his gemstone in said object, allowing him to manipulate terrain or enchant objects, aswell as picking up radio or electronic signals in that area. Furthermore if connected to a gem form it can cause minor destabilization of the form, at the same time if given access to the gem itself he can apply his gem glamour ability to it, changing it's look temporarily. When using any of these abilities however, he is slightly weakened, depending on the object he is interfacing with.
  • Gem Glamour: He can change the appearance of his gem, or another's gem if they are willing.
  • Gem Possession: Upon putting a tentacle in contact to a poofed gem, the gem forms a zombified version of themself, including their powers. This form is in the control of SSD until the gem becomes ready to reform healthily or the tentacle is removed and SSD chooses to release them. 






  • The Skull Star Diamond is from the English sculpture "For the Love of God" made by Damien Hirst
  • The sculpture cost £14 million, and goes for an asking price of £50 million, which would be the highest price for any single artwork by any living artist

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