"Scolecite" is a gem that has yet to appear.


Scolecite stands at 6' 10". He has light green scaly skin, with a dark green gem located on his upper back. He wears a yellow-light green patterned loincloth, and a light, thin fabric over his chest with the same light green-yellow pattern, similar to his loincloth, but with holes for arms and a neck. He has three green toes, with sharp black nails on them. His hands are green with three sharp, black nails and a thumb. His single-sided axe has a grip resembling the scales on his hands, and the axe resembles the same light green-yellow pattern on his clothes. His axe is 6' 5".


Scolecite uses his home of the water to his advantage in many ways.

  • Knockup: Scolecite can send a wave of water with his axe in a spiral around him, hitting nearby enemies and knocking them into the air.
  • Fast Swimmer: Scolecite travels and swims faster in rivers and bodies of water, and can temporarily change the current of a river of lake.
  • Quick Iron Grip: Scolecite, with extremely quick reflexes, can grab an enemy with his claws, and is able to hold on for a long time, usually dragging them into the water to attack them more easily. He can also use his sharp teeth to cause as much pain as possible.
  • Whirlpool: Scolecite can form a whirlpool in the water, spinning enemies around and sucking them downward.


Selfish and loyal only to his water, Scolecite can be persuaded to your side with a bit of threats or cash. He talks in a low, harsh voice, and acts on instinct.




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