Schalenblende is a gem OC created by Zen. He made him specifically for roleplays.


I'm not doing this rn.


Schalenblende is a very average gem. He is known to forget important task, and not work well under pressure. He is a construction worker for Homeworld, just like the others like him.

He likes to perform. He is known to dance to any type of music. He loves to put own shows for his friends and people in public. He enjoys making people laugh, and when he makes someone mad, he tries his best to make up for it. He's a party animal.

More to be added :0


He posses standard gem abilities. But being one of Zen's characters, he's still the same.What? Were you expecting something else to be here, where this sentence is?

  • Auto dodge: When in a battle he is able to dodge attacks that are directly in front of him. He will not do this ability if the attack is behind, or to the side of him. He will usually dodge by jumping up in the air, back flipping, ducking down, or cartwheeling left and/or right.
  • Higher Pain Tolerance: When taking multiple hits in battle, he will not show any reaction, he will continue to fight with the same amount of energy. When actually feeling pain, it's usually three hit's before he dematerializes.

Weapon Abilities

These are the abilities of his Donderbuss:

  • Can shoot automatically.
  • Can chase an object for two seconds.
  • Can fire 6 rounds a shot.


Tha's really it. He's my first roleplay character. So don't judge.

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