Scarlet Emerald, formerly known as Red Beryl, was a gem introduced in the True Heroes Role Play. She used to be a vigilante that lived in LowTown and by extension, defended it.


She was once a normal Beryl doing whatever Beryls do, but once the rebellion struck, and it ended up ripple-affecting all the empire, the area where she lived at became a nightmare, rebels and paramilitary Homeworld forces caused damage to her area of society... Thus... She decided that it had been enough, she deserted from her position, taking the job of a Vigilante, going on the downtown areas of the city and fighting off the both Rebels and Crooked Homeworld forces.


She possesses all standard gem abilities.


  • Expert Martial Artist: She is adept at all types of fighting and martial arts. She is capable of using any martial arts to defend herself and defend others.
    • Martial-Art Weapons proficiency: She has mastered nearly all types of close combat weapons.
  • Parkour Proficiency: She is adept at parkour. She is capable of escalating buildings in a matter of seconds and performing feats common gem would denote as impossible.

Unique Abilities

  • Reproductive Muscle Memory: She can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts.


  • "Scarlet Emerald" is a market name for Red Beryl, which is not related to Emeralds but still belongs to the same mineral family.

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