"Scapolite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 5' 0". He has bright yellow skin, and his gem is located on his back. His hair is orange and well kept, yet short. He wears a gray full-body suit, with two stone gray stripes going vertically from his shoulders to his feet.


  • Space-Time Immunity: If someone or something freezes time, or alters the space-time continuum in any way, he is entirely immune to it, as if nothing happened at all.
  • Space-Time Security: Scapolite can detect a rift or alter in the space-time continuum, and can close a rift. He cannot, however, prevent anything non-rift related in the continuum.


Talks a lot. Very calculative and communicative. Always speaks what's on his mind. High intellect.




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