"Sandstone" is a gem that has yet to appear.


Sandstone stands at 7' 0". He has tan rocky skin, and a brown gem located on his forehead. He wears a large, brown robe that goes from his head to the bottom of his feet, and has tan-colored curved spikes coming off of it. His large, yellow, demanding eyes peek out from under his robe intensely. He appears to float off the top of the ground a bit.


Sandstone has and uses Psammokinesis, and uses it in different varieties.

  • Artificial Life: He can create life out of sand and gravel, ranging from small singular grains of sand to large 8 ft. sand golems.
  • Whirlwind: He can create a storm of sand or gravel particles swirling around.
  • Burial: He can call all nearby sand or gravel particles(including those over his opponents feet) to them and sticking to them, therefore burying them. He can also use this method on himself to travel places underground.

He also uses it on many other ways.


Avoid eye contact at all costs.




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