Rutile is a gem used by Aptos.


Rutile is a gem of about 5'8", with lean yet strong muscles. He has white, spiky short hair, and pale skin. He wears vertically striped black and white long-sleeved shirt, and black pants. His shoes are white with black outlining on the sides. He has black eyes, and a relatively small nose. His gem is on his chest.


Rutile is polite, but can be rash when in the position of authority. He does his best to help his team, and places heavy influence on teamwork and strategy and its influence on success.


Personal Dimension Time-Space control: His primary ability, Rutile can instantaneously go inside of his own personal dimension with other willing touched gems, which is connected, but not the same as, his gemstone pocket dimension. Within this dimension, he can stop and control time, allowing himself and others to act for extended periods of time while no time has passed outside. He also manipulates the space of the dimension, letting him have extremely powerful telekinesis inside of his own dimension.


  • Voice Change: Can change his voice given enough practice of doing that voice
  • Weapon proficiency: Is proficient in most weapons, and uses his personal weapon, a hard light weapon ore, to form different weapons inside of his personal dimension.
  • Mild Hypnosis: Can give minor hypnotic suggestion to gems, mostly to give himself charisma, all of which depending on the subjects trust, imagination, and willingness.
  • Sleight of hand: Is proficient in sleight of hand techniques, mostly to make items he is holding dissapear.


CC for hybrids RP is this:

Name: Antony

Gemstone & Location: Rutile, back of neck.

Animal Species(Refrain from using Genetically Altered animals): Lemon Ant

Appearance (Or image): 5'0", with a medium build. He has four arms, in a red trench coat, with black pants. Black shoes with red outlines on it. Mildy red tinted skin, with large black eyes, and a small nose.

Abilities: Above average strength, Niche Creation (can adjust the environment via an aura, which can flatten areas, increase light, water, poison or breakdwon plants, and grow new plants (specifically the habitat tree of the lemon ant), Citrus-y Acid production (can produce a citrusy acid, which sanitizes wounds, minorly acidic and smells good), Climbing via super strength and acids

Limits (Refers to abilities): The strenght is mostly due to limb increase, and mostly uses this for climbing, which is accomplished by digging into surfaces making footholds, so hard enough surfaces are not applicable. The Niche Creation reverts fairly quickly delending on how long they r in the vicinity, and works faster the closer they r to Rutile. It requires mild focus.

Weapon: Sphere

Personality and Backstory (Must follow the rule listed above): Complex personality, likes to observe others, likes nature. Volunteered for the program because he was interested in Devil's Garden areas in the Amazon.


None yet.

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