A gem who's hollowed out. He's missing some parts, his pupils are gray, and seems to be a bit sad. Still, can talk and emote, it's just his face that's stuck as a saddening aura.

Undefinite height. His entire body is purple, pink-ish hair. Currently wears a coat, a pair of pants and boots.

His gem's circular, with the shape of an dodecagon in it, and is located on the back of his left hand. Is it me, or is it.... half cracked?


Rubellite overreacts a bit about things, since he thinks everybody around him thinks bad of him, but doesn't tell him, he does like talking to everyone, but only if they're his friends, or something related to him.


As any gem, he can shapeshift.


  • Mind attack resistance: Due to being a telepath too, he can easily resist any of those attacks, from blocking them to lower their duration.
  • Cries of regret: An unique ability. His tears are able to to turn into two powerballs that are able to act as 'magic extensions'


  • Something seems familliar about him. No one can quite put their finger over it, though.

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