Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

Rose Water Opal is an OC created by Amethystkitten. She appears in the series Time And Time Again .


Rose Water Opal has sheeth primrose hair that is parted at the top and reaches her shoulders. She wears large pink glasses with huge circular frames and has puffy pink lips. She wears a rose blouse with flapping sleeves. She also wears short rose shorts. She wears anklet rose socks and her gem a faceted teardrop is on her left thigh.


Rose Water Opal is carefree and fun. She's usually very relaxed and far from serious making a joke whenever she can mostly to impress the one she loves, Cuprite. She when can be however is very protective of her friends, mostly Cuprite but is also weak and defenseless. Despite this Rose Water Opal always carries a happy go lucky attitude.


Rose Water Opal lacks many of the abilities of other gems, this includes bubbling and summoning a weapon though she can still fuse and retreat into her gemstone if damaged. This is because she never trained herself nor ever had to utilize her possible special powers.



Curpite and Rose Water Opal share a mutual love and admiration for one another. Though both have decided to not act on their feelings for the sake of the Gem Cavern, Rose Water Opal's feelings are shown in great depth in the first episode Hopeless Circles. In this episode after Cuprite accidently beguiles her Rose Water Opal acts hopelessly in love with Cuprite and after the spell wears off the two talk before blushing at one another and Cuprite takes Rose Water Opal's hand.


Though their relationship is so far very unexplored it is seen that Afghanite respects Rose Water Opal though she very jealous of her feelings and relation with Cuprite. Despite this it is shown that Afghanite will do anything to protect her, just as much as she would protect Cuprite. She wishes her friends happiness which also allows her to remain friendly with Rose Water Opal.


  • She wasn't initially supposed to be part of the series, she was simply invented because Amethystkitten thought her gemstone looked cool.


  • Opal is the birthstone of October
  • The term opalescence comes from the play of light that opals produce
  • Opal is the natural gemstone of Australia, as they are some of the biggest exporters of it
  • Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silica, giving it a water content of 6% up to 21%, depending on the weight


ve Time And Time Again

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