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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Rosaline Pearl is a short and skinny gem of nearly white (pink) skin, and light pink hair. Her outfit's body is a dull pink whereas her collar is pastel pink and skirt is also light pink. She has dull pink ballet slippers but sometimes wears striped, pink and white thigh-high socks.


Rosaline is a very reserved and calm gem. She doesn't enjoy losing her temper and doesn't like others to see her displaying extreme emotions. Because of her position as an organizer and supervisor of Feulea, Rosaline is a neat freak and perfectionist.


Rosaline Pearl possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Sword Proficiency : Because of her weapon being a zweihander, Rosaline is very skilled with long-bladed/ two-handed swords. Despite her dainty and small figure, she is very strong.
  • Enhanced Speed : Because of her small body and overall swift/ dainty self, Rosaline can go twice the speed of a normal gem.

Unique Abilities

  • Telekinesis : Rosaline can move any object no larger than a Argyle's desk and hold it for up to ten minutes.


Argyle Pink Diamond

Rosaline is the advisor and main watcher of the world for Argyle. The two have a very Master/Worker relationship with each other but are other very casual in private.


Rosaline is a bit jealous of Coral in that she gets more attention that Rosaline does.

Sonora Sunrise Jasper

Sonora and Rosaline are often at wit's ends with each other. They are give same or similar orders but only one will do as asked : that would be Rosaline. She doesn't understand why Sonora is in the court.


Rosaline hates Peacock. She doesn't understand why someone other than a diamond is a god.

Coral Pearl

Rosaline dislikes Coral Pearl more than she does Sonora, thinking that she only slacks off.

Bordeaux Pearl

Rosaline treats Bordeaux Pearl like a child, pushing him to lower tier standards than helping him out.


Image Description
Rosaline's gemstone is located on her chest, and is a baroque-shape.
A photo of an actual Rosaline Pearl.


  • Rosaline is the first Pearl Dani ever designed.
    • She was originally meant to be a Coral Pearl.
    • Thus she was meant to be Coral's first foil.
  • Pearls were believed to be formed by angel passage into the clouds.
    • This explains her fluffy appearance and kind personality.


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