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- Rhodalite, SU Role Playing System (current version here)

Rhodalite is a gem from Homeworld. Originally a low-ranking security officer, Rhodalite was sent to the failed colony of Earth as part of a recon mission, but her ship crashed. Meeting up with the other gems in their area, Rhodalite helped with Team Relay's operations, as well as setting up a computer and helping fend off creatures known as "Humans."

Rhodalite is an OC of PinappleMaster (that's me :D)



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Rhodalite was in charge of security at minor government things on the Gem Homeworld. After it was reported that there were Gems on Earth, she was sent as head of security for a recon mission there, but there was a malfunction with the ship's computers (cough cough CGs cough cough) and they crashed near Hell's Canyon.

After regenerating, Rhodalite exited the tent to find Turquoise working on fixing a computer. She tried to help but didn't know anything useful. The pair then went out to set relays. They managed to get two out of five set, but then Turquoise stumbled across some Humans. The two and Beige Calcite, who had just then joined them on Team Relay, plotted to stop them. Turquoise managed to convince them to leave, and Team Relay went back to setting up relays.

(Will update this as the RP goes on)



Teammates with Beige Calcite

Friends with Turquoise



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