‎This is a disclaimer: None of this is canon outside of Startropolis. No one has to follow the canon of this universe, but to Odrey, it's canon.

Rainbow Aura Peacock Quartz is an OC that belongs to Odrey.


Raine has light orchid purple skin and a small stature. They have turquoise hair that fades to sea green that reaches their chin. Their left eye is amber-colored, but their right is covered by their hair. They wear magenta framed glasses. Raine's shirt is a plain desaturated rose pink t-shirt under an indigo raincoat-like jacket. They wear wisteria-purple jeans with teal patches, and golden-brown boots with auburn laces.


Raine was a Homeworld gem, loyal to Blue Diamond. Their position was a philosopher, a strategist, a thinker. During the rebellion, they were sent as a spy to the Crystal Gems. After seeing what the small group fought for, they decided to join them. Today, they live on Earth as an unoffcial Crystal Gem: They don't have a room in the temple, but the CGs will call on them for help if needed.


Raine is very shy, often not speaking unless spoken to. Due to being made as a strategist, they tend to overthink even simple parts of daily life. When angered, they don't hesitate to fight, even with their normal self being so calm. They often daydream, and get distracted easily.

Weapon & Abilities

Weapon Fan - Raine wields a war fan, which aids them in their aerokinesis.


Raine has basic gem abilities, but cannot shapeshift majorly.

Aerokinesis - Raine has mild aerokinesis, most effective in directing strong winds towards enemies.

Iridescent Rain - Raine can create colorful, iridescent rain. They are somewhat hyetokinetic, but only when controlling the rain they create.

Illusion/Color Manipulation - Raine can manipulate colors, creating complex but small illusions.


Harlequin Opal

Raine is aware that Harley exists, but that's about it. In earlier concepts of the two, they were friends.


Despite being a Crystal Gem, Raine somewhat idolizes Tugtupite. To Tugtupite, they're just another fan.


Being a fellow Crystal Gem, Raine and Zani get along somewhat well.






This is the second gemsona Odrey has created. Harley is their current gemsona.

  • The first was Tanzanite.

They listen to lots of Earth classical music.

Image Description
TBA Raine's gem is located on their TBA. It is smooth, and circle-shaped with a star facet.
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