Rainbow Adventurine is a forced fusion between the two gems named Blue Onyx and White Obsidian.


Rainbow Adventurine is an amnesiac who has no idea what she is. She can summon an advanced form of Peridot's limb enhancers that wrap around most of her body and make her stronger. She is currently the only member and leader of the Crystal Shards, an ally to the Crystal Gems.


A confused, lost soul who slowly becomes used to the world around her.


Rainbow Adventurine is a forced fusion between the head general of the Homeworld Empire, Blue Onyx, and a captured rebel scout of the first Homeworld rebellion way before the first Quartz was even created, White Obsidian.


A light turquoise skin color with some dark blue shoulder pads, a light blue shirt with a dark green diamond on it, and dark green shorts. She has green, short hair that goes over one eye and an aquamarine eye color.


Gem Powers

Rainbow Adventurine has quite a few abilities.

  • Tier 4 Regeneration: Rainbow Adventurine will regenerate seconds after being poofed, resulting in her being nearly impossible to shatter. However, this causes extreme physical limitation on her body such as physical weakness, increased fatigue after simple hours of work, and even falling asleep at the simplest of tasks.
  • Tier 1 Charmspeak: Rainbow Adventurine is sometimes able to plant seeds of thought into the minds of others, subtly persuading them to her side. This ability often does not work.


Work in progress, will be added later after Rainbow Adventurine fuses with others.


  • VERY complicated backstory that will be revealed through dreams, flashbacks, and nightmares.
  • Made up of the gems Blue Onyx and White Obsidian.
  • Will possibly have a Betrayal Arc or something
  • Good friends with the Crystal Gems minus Steven.

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