"Pyrope" (specifically Pyrope Facet 4E0P, Cut 1RP) is a gem living on Earth.


Pyrope is really laid back, he is the one who socializes with humans the most in his team due to him resembling one the most. He also likes making jokes for his friends.


On his team, he has the physical form that is closest to a human. His skin is a pale orange tint and his color palette consists of dark reds and bright oranges. He wears organic clothes over his physical body, a red sweater with a red-orange "X", dark burgundy pants and flip flops over socks.


As all Gems, he is able to shapeshift, create bubbles, regenerate, and summon his weapon, which are brass knuckles.


Ice Quartz

Pyrope and Ice Quartz are in a romantic relationship. They care deeply for each other although when they first met they had to get Angel to help them interact better due to seemingly having not much in common. 


Pyrope and Onyx are good friends, Pyrope helps them interact with humans more and helps them in awkward situations with humans.


Pyrope and Angel are good friends, they both enjoy going out in public and hanging out with humans.


  • None really. Lmao.


Red and orange in a semi diamond shaped.


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