Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

And I can rip you into pieces. And again. And again. So don't even think about snooping around here, you hear me?!


Pyrope is a gem owned by Object and only her. Pyrope is so far her only and first "male" gem.


Pyrope is very reckless and loves making loud noises. Pyrope can not sit still at all and often is bouncing off the walls. He is also very short tempered and when angered, his anger stays for a long time. Similar to Ruby (Canon), when angered smoke begins to blow out of his hair.


Pyrope's colors match his respective gem. His gem is located on his right arm. He has short, fluffy, and slightly messy hair. He wears a deep red shirt with sleeves going to his elbows. He wears red shiny shackles on his wrists. He also wears plain pale brown pants along with deep red shoes.

Weapons and Abilities


Pyrope's weapon is a two small dark red gauntlets that can be summoned at anytime.



He can manipulate fire, often summong a flame into the palm of his hand and shooting it at other people.


Without the help of wings, boosters, etc, he can levitate himself into the air. However, he can not hold this grip very long and can not go super high.


  • Pyrope hates water, although he won't mind if he has to go through it.
  • He holds an aggression against anyone he meets, such as threatening them, and teating them to see if they are foe or friend.
  • Pyrope has not yet has been fused in Journey Through Earth. It is highly unlikely he will have a fusion.
  • An upcoming series will be created. Pyrope will be coming back as a supporting character, with a possibility of gaining a fusion.
  • His favorite food is peppers.


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