Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Purple Vesuvianite is the fusion of Kunzite and Star Sapphire. She is often referred to as Vee. Vee differs a lot from her two original gems, although it is more of a mixture of their traits. Vee first appeared in A Fusion Battle! When Kunzite and Star Sapphire were building a headquarters. (Referred to as a home by Cherry.)


Her colors match her respective gem. Vee has two sets of arms, one set of legs, and two eyes. Vee has her two gems on their respective locations. TBA


Vee is quite similar to Sardonyx (Canon). Vee enjoys making big entrances and often takes pride in herself. However, she is still caring to others. She is a swift gem and is very fast. Vee fights very well and is very intelligent.

Abilities and Weapons

Vee has standard gem abilities.


When Vee combines her two weapons, it forms one long spear resembling a crystal paintbrush and an extremley pointed top. It can cut through steel.



With movements of her hands, Vee can levitate objects, big or small.

Sound Manipulation

Vee can manipulate sound, in which she can make nearby sound louder or softer and make sounds come out of her bare hands.

Paint Manipulation

With or without the weapons combined, Sapphire's paintbrush with a few strokes in air can create object. If it's combined, it still can manipulate paint.


Vee can summon large wings giving her the ability to fly. She cannot do this in small and tight spaces.

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