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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Purple Diamond is an extremely tall Gem, towering over all of ver court and ver planet inhabitants. Ve has long, lilac hair which drapes over ver shoulders and pulled together as one ponytail in the front over ver chest. Ve wears a seamless, indigo drape-over, covering ver entire body from shoulder to toe.


Purple Diamond acts as a malevolent being, mercy raining from ver only for their court.


Purple Diamond possesses standard gem abilities and traits.


  • I can't really tell you all that much but I can tell you the below stuff!

Unique Abilities

  • Paradox Creation : Purple Diamond can easily create paradoxes, specifically those affecting rifts in the void.
  • God Complex : ...This sounds sort of familiar, doesn't it?


Peacock Pearl

Purple Diamond attempts to indulge in pearls but ve often spoil Peacock Pearl too much.

Melody Stone

Melody Stone is Purple Diamond's favourite warrior, often keeping her ready as the end product.


Iolite is one of Purple Diamond's least favourite court members in that she takes too much responsibility and risk.


You're real funny. See, I can't actually show you this stuff. Sorry not sorry.


  • Purple Diamond isn't actually a purple diamond (those don't exist unless dyed).
  • Peacock Topaz has denied the existence of Purple Diamond.
  • Peacock Pearl seems to be unusually close to Purple Diamond despite her personality.


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