Purple Agate is a gem created by CaT.


Purple Agate was originally created on an unknown gem colony in deep space. After it became very evident that her presence was a nuisance to everyone, she was sent off to parts unknown. It is currently unknown what she did after that point.


Purple Agate is a relatively slender Gem of average height, with purple coloration and magenta stripes covering her body. After her latest regeneration period, she decided to emerge with several cat-like features; seeing as how she has never come into contact with a cat and doesn't seem to know what one is, this is extremely puzzling.


Purple Agate is confused. All the time. She's very naive and usually has no idea what's going on, resulting in her becoming something of a nuisance to those around her. She usually means well, but her kind nature is usually overshadowed by her penchant for screwing things up.


Purple Agate, in addition to having the standard Gem abilities (shapeshifting, regeneration, etc.), has the following unique abilities:

  • Solar Energy Intake: Purple Agate can absorb solar energy (usually by napping in sunlight) and utilize it for various purposes.
  • Lasers: Purple Agate can fire lasers of varying sizes depending on how much sunlight she's taken in. This would be a very useful ability if it weren't for the fact that she fires them off any time she gets startled (which is relatively often).
  • Bagh Naka Proficiency: Purple Agate's weapon is an ornate variation of the Bagh Naka (an Indian claw-like weapon), and she can wield it somewhat decently in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Purple Agate is rumored to have somehow dropped a nuke in deep space in the Andromeda Galaxy at some point. It is currently unknown how this could've happened.

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