"Prehnite" is a gem that appears in Gem Battle Royale and The Tape Recorder.
Kornerupine and Prehnite

The one on the right.


She is 5' 5". She has long, musky-green hair and wears chainmail down to her ankles, where she wears Robin Hood-style boots. She wears a silk green dress under he chainmail, but with the trim cut off, and her legs covered with the same silk material. She prefers to wear a green facemask most of the time, which is connected to the back of her head with chainmail, like a helmet. The mask is similar to an African Mask, which is used to cover her facial expressions. She wears a hilt on her left hip to hold her Falchion, as she finds it faster than drawing it from her gem. Her gem is circular and has no facet, and is located directly in between her eyes.


Pressurization: Prehnite can increase or decrease the pressure of an element in a 20x20x20(or less) foot radius. Examples: Air Pressure, Heat Pressure, Pressure in general.


Stoic, but liking company, Prehnite can open up to people she affiliates easily with. She is calm and collected, but loves to show off occasionally. She can get emotional easily, but prefers not to be, causing her to be stoic most of the time.

Theme (Pretty loud, turn volume down)



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